Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jacob Really is 3!

Jacob has loved Sunday School his first two weeks there. So, I was a little concerned when he suddenly announced he didn't want to go anymore. He stated his teacher told him he wasn't "big enough" yet. I asked him what he meant. He stated you have to be 3 to be in his class. His teacher had told him he wasn't 3. He was obviously very upset as he thought she didn't believe he was suppose to be in the class.
After Sunday School this morning, I asked him which teacher had told him this. He pointed to one of the teachers. I told her that Jacob was upset because she didn't believe he was 3. I explained that Jacob knew kids needed to be 3 to be in the class and if he wasn't 3 he couldn't be in the class. She assured him that he was perfect for the class and very much wanted there. He seemed happier and states he wants to go back again next week.

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