Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blogging Rules For Me

I am not sure why I read the comments on the newspages and new websites. They always irritate me as people show how uneducated they are or just plain insensitive. At the same time that I read these and get irritated, I also know that often the person writing them is just writing them to get a reaction. Some people love conflict. I also appreciate the educated and rational people that respond to these irresponsible comments but yet know that they person writing them is only reading them to pick them apart and antagonize the person who wrote them. These same people who like to get reactions on these websites often find people's blogs and try to pick them apart as well. I am sure most of you know blogs that were shut down because of these comments. So far I haven't gotten any of these overly negative comments and to be honest wouldn't publish them if I did. I don't mind comments that debate something I said but anything hateful or just plain insensitive that may hurt my family or someone reading this will never be published.

To protect my family I have some ground rules I follow and I thought I would list them here. I don't expect anyone to read them and follow them. They work for my family but not all families. I know that many people who read this blog will never meet us in person and yet many do. I have been stopped at adoption gatherings, while shopping at Target and in other areas of the community by someone that recognizes us from our blog. It is a public blog and people who read it regularly will be able to figure out a lot about us. That is fine. I hope that most people see us as positive role models and a source of support and entertainment for their own journeys through parenthood and adoption. This is our story and here are my rules.

1) I will never post things that I believe will embarrass my children when they are older. It is a public blog and I don't want their potty training mishap or pictures of them on the toilet to be used against them when they are in high school. I'll save the embarrassing photos for their first date (just kidding).

2) I don't post our last names or our address and try not to post when we are leaving town. Some people can still figure out who we are and that is fine but it makes it more difficult.

3) I won't publish pictures of any foster children until they are legally adopted. I also won't ever publish information about their birth families or their past.

4) I write about our daily struggles that I don't mind being public. I think it helps other families and single moms to read about our struggles and know it isn't always perfect. I won't use this forum as a place to publicly humiliate or intimidate others though.

5) I keep my own private journal that I write my most private thoughts. That's where I vent about things that I don't want to be public. It's also where I work out challenges and problems that I'm not ready to share with others yet.

So those are my rules. I'm not sure why I am posting them except I want to. And that's my final rule. This is my blog so sometimes the posts are just my thoughts. No real reason why I want to post. I just do.

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