Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week Recap

My internet is out at home again. Ugh! This time I know I can only blame myself. The cable company told me several weeks ago to exchange my old modem for a new one. I just never seem to get around to actually making the time to go over and do it. Now it is out again and I still haven't found the motivation to fix it. The problem is that I really only use it for blogging and entertainment during the summer. I would probably get rid of it at home and just use the library computer and my parents if it wasn't for the school year. I'll have to get the modem replaced before September, I'm just not sure when.

Here is a recap of the events around our house during the past few days:

- I spent the first part of the week fighting what I thought was just a little virus. Now it has turned into an actual cold and I really had very little energy last night. Actually, a lot of the week was spent sitting rather than doing things. They boys have not been happy that I haven't been my usual energetic self. They have been bouncing off the walls and a little less patient with my desire to just sit the past couple of days. Hopefully, I will get over this cold quickly and we can go back to jam packed days again.

- I played softball again Monday and the kids played with a bunch of other kids from the church. They had a great time playing baseball and playing on the playground. M and Jacob have been fighting with each other a lot lately so they did both get in trouble for that but mostly just had fun.

- Tuesday was a day off work so I took the boys out of day care and we went to the zoo. It was fun and we enjoyed the animals and playground. M seemed to be having a bad day again mostly because he was starting fights with Jacob and constantly in trouble. He also was whiny which makes me think he may have had a touch of whatever I am fighting. His cold symptoms are much milder though so hopefully he isn't getting it quite as bad as I did.

- Wednesday was the day I really wasn't feeling well. I was mostly just tired and cranky in the morning. I decided M needed a break from the boredom of hanging out with Jacob and me. He asked to go to school and I thought it would really help if he got away from Jacob for a few hours. With the exception of 3 hours Monday morning, the boys had spent all of their time together since Saturday.

- While M was at school, I took Jacob to visit a woman I have not seen since high school. She has a son M's age and an infant daughter. It was fun reconnecting and I hope to see her again soon.

- I was right about just separating M and Jacob for awhile. By the time I picked M up after naps yesterday, he and Jacob were ready to be best friends again. I was really beginning to feel poorly and decided I just couldn't handle sitting in the heat. M and Jacob were very disappointed we weren't going for our usual bike ride/walk but quickly got over it. We stayed inside and the boys played together well for the most part. The plus side of the evening was that everyone went to bed on time for once since I wasn't feeling well and we didn't get involved in any fun projects/activities. I am hoping that translates to a good day for both kids today.

Jacob was upset that we did not have time to go window shopping yesterday. He loves to shop and just look around even if we don't buy anything. I promised him we would go later this week or next week on my days off.

This morning I woke up feeling slightly better than yesterday. Hopefully, I am on the mend. I am still tired but hoping that the worst is behind me. I have a trauma informed parenting class (for foster care and social work training) tonight that will keep me up a little bit later. I am hoping we can get back to our energetic and fast paced lives tomorrow.

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