Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lake Fun!

I really wish I hadn't forgotten my camera today. The kids and I went to a nearby state park for the day and had a great time. We started with some swimming and building sand castles. It was in the low to mid 70s and a perfect day for sitting on the beach watching kids play. Jacob spent about half an hour in a fruitless attempt to catch minnows. He probably would have had more luck with a net.

M wanted me to build a "super huge" sand castle. I built a medium sized sand castle and explained that was all I knew how to do. He was disappointed his mom isn't a master sand castle builder but that was the best I can do.

There is a ferry that takes cars across a river between our house and the park. We rode it there and back. On the way back, M fell asleep before we left the park so Jacob and I were the only ones awake on the ferry trip home. We bought ice cream cones at a stand by the dock and enjoyed the nice cold treat while we stood outside the car and watched the river. Then it was a short half hour drive home.

M woke up just as we pulled up to the house and Jacob never did sleep. The boys seem to still be full of energy. Unfortunately, I am completely out of energy and very content sitting around the living room doing nothing.

Tomorrow I start a new work week and I need to start preparing for our trip to Mehaber next weekend. For now, I will just try to relax and maybe even get a little laundry done tonight.

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