Saturday, July 24, 2010

No Place Better (except home)

I have to work all weekend. Jacob and M are use to this and usually go to a great babysitter. This weekend my babysitter is out of town leaving me without child care. My parents graciously stepped in to watch the boys. I told the boys yesterday that they would spend the next two days over there. This morning M woke up and came running to find me. Here is the conversation.

M: Are we going to Grandpa's today?
Me: Yes.
M: Yay! (He then stands there smiling for about 2 minutes.
Me: Let me go get our stuff and your brother.
M: Can I wait in the car? (still smiling ear to ear)

Poor M could barely contain himself. When we got to Grandpa's he couldn't stop smiling, laughing and moving. He ended up getting in trouble within five minutes and told to settle down on his own or he would have to go sit until he could control himself. He stopped throwing his body around but really didn't slow to even a fast walk. While I know it can be challenging for adults when he is this excited, I also know it is wonderful that he loves his Grandma and Grandpa this much.

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Kim Foo said...

m is such a moosh. im pretty sure thats what m stands for :)