Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr's I Have A Dream

I am sitting on my couch on a rare evening with time to relax. These evenings don't come often so I am always grateful when they do. I ran across some reruns of The Cosby Show and decided to watch. They just played part of MLK's I Have A Dream Speach. I a where am always moved by the part where he talks of "black children and white children will hold hands as brothers." That happens all the time in my family and I admit it is a beautiful sight.

Race doesn't often enter into our thoughts. Occassionally something will happen that will make us think about it. Jacob sometimes talking about wanting a family member with brown skin like his. We have friends from many different races and live in a very diverse community. Despite all of these blessings, Martin Luther King Jr's words still remind me how far our country has come and how blessed we all are to live here.

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