Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Care Schedule and Field Trips

One of the things I absolutely love about the boys' new day care is the structured fun they have every week. They also have monthly field trips all year. Last month the boys went to a dairy farm. Today Jacob is at an amusement park designed for younger kids and M goes next week. Next month M goes to a petting farm and Jacob goes to the zoo. Parents are welcome to attend and I went last month with Jacob. I hope to go with M next month. I always attend any time I am off work and absolutely love in sharing these special times with the boys. It is a chance to watch them with their friends, see their teachers in action and for the boys to show me all the cool things they do every day.

Here is the weekly routine this summer for the boys.


Tue- Water play in sprinklers.
Wed- Bike Day
Thur- Water play
Fri- Popcicles and chocolate milk


Wed- Water Play
Fri- Water Play, popcicles and chocolate milk

M also does other fun activiites but they vary every week. For example, one day they make home made ice cream and another week they make s'mores.

Jacob is in the 4K room so he gets to do a few more things than M in the 3 year old preschool room. Both boys are in the rooms they will be in during the school year next year so they won't have to transition when many of the other kids move in September. Since they just started in June, I like that they will be able to stay with the same teachers and a few of the same kids.

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