Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fears Relieved

I took my new van in for an inspection today. I was pretty nervous about it. The van seems to run really well but there is so much that can remain hidden. I don't know very much about cars so I know that I am at a huge disadvantage buying a new car. No one was available to help me who knew about cars so I was left to just listening to funny noises and seeing how it felt driving it.

I took the car into to a Honda dealership today to have it inspected. The mechanic came back with one recommendation. The car needed new windshield wiper blades. I am sure the relief was obvious on my face. I quickly told them to replace the blades, paid the bill and quickly drove away.

I drove home and called my foster home consultant. She confirmed that I was on the list of people with openings for a child 2-4 years old, either gender. Now it's just a matter of being prepared when the call comes in. I found a Spongebob throw and a small stuffed animal at the store for a good price. Jacob and I put those in the closet to wait for the next child who needs to stay with us for awhile.

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