Friday, February 6, 2009

Seeking Advice on Comfort Objects and Routines

I need advice from all of the experienced foster parents out there. I have a new opening (I increased the number of kids I will take from 1-2)and am trying to prepare for his/her arrival. I doubt he or she will come before the end of this month since I am already scheduled to do respite for our dear friend E.

My question is about comfort items. I know Jacob and M really liked having blankets to cuddle with. M more than Jacob. This child will be older so I am debating finding a small baby blanket to cuddle with or just getting a twin size or throw blanket with characters on it. Any thoughts? I have had stuffed animals for the kids before but neither of my foster children or Jacob really seemed to enjoy them. Do you think it was just their personalities or should I search the clearance bins for some nice stuffed animals or dolls? Are their any rituals you have for when the child first arrives that you find helpful?

I am debating whether to move Jacob and M into the same room or not. Right now it is kind of nice with them each in their own room. They do spend 99 percent of their time together though so they really don't need their own rooms. I am just thinking that it would be good to have them together when a new child arrives. That way the new child would have space if he or she needs it. I also wouldn't have to worry as much about safety issues since I know that M and Jacob are safe together but I won't know about the next child's issues. Any thoughts?

I waited four months between E's departure and M's arrival. I heard that was a long time to go between arrivals and that the need for foster homes seems to come in spurts. I saw that when M arrived. I received several calls the two weeks before he came about possible kids but then the kids didn't need to come. A week after M arrived, I received another call for two different kids. I told them no and to please take me off their list of available homes. I just couldn't take another kid while Jacob and M were adjusting and learning to be brothers and friends. So while I don't expect a call in the next 2-3 weeks, I also know that I could receive one at any time after that. I have gone back to keeping a spare car seat in the back of the car and plan to spend the next couple of weeks getting the house ready for another temporary family member. I am looking forward to any advice you (my readers) can give me.

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