Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Great Flood

Alright. I realize it's not really the great flood but it sure does feel like it. Late last week the city warned residents in my neighborhood of possible basement flooding due to a repair to a major sewer line nearby. When my basement drain wasn't draining well, I thought it must just be from the city's work.

I was wrong. They finished fixing the sewer line on Friday but the problem in my basement persists. Now, I know what the problem is. I have some very beautiful and mature trees in my yard. Every two or three years the roots grow into the pipe in my front yard and I have to call for help. The pros will be out this afternoon.

The damage to my basement is minimal. It is affecting a small area of carpeting. I have had success getting it to clean up in the past and hope I can have success again. I start with the wet/dry vacuum and get up as much as I can. I will then use the carpet shampooer to suck up as much additional water as possible. After that, I will leave a fan on it for a couple days and hope for the best. I have pretty signifcant allergies to mold and mildew so it won't take long for me to find out if it doesn't work. It has worked in the past though so I have hope. I'll know in a couple of days.

I was planning to take the kids swimming today but that is no longer possible. The basement has to get cleaned up first. At least I am off work today and will have time to work on it. Stay tuned for the great clean up!

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Angela :-) said...

We have the same problem with roots at the rental duplex we own.

Lucky you have the day off to get it cleaned up, although it stinks to spend your day off that way.

Angela :-)