Saturday, February 21, 2009

Looking For Good Books

I recently met a woman who is in her late 70s and fosters difficult children 0-10 years old. She will take the children that other foster homes do not want. Not only will she take them, she takes up to four at a time. I have no idea how she does. I struggle when I just have one child with behavioral issues.

I have been thinking about this woman and the skills she must have that I don't have. I have decided to try to read and educate myself on parenting some of our more difficult children. I just ordered a couple books online but am looking for suggestions. If you have a favorite parenting book, please leave a comment. I would love to add some tools and skills to my parenting tool box for future use.

I would also like some tips on handling difficult children. I am trying to be more positive with the kids. That seems to be working. I also stick to a fairly strict routine while still trying to allow the kids to just be kids. Leave a comment if you have some good parenting tips as well.

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