Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My bible study class discussed how neighbors just don't know each other any more. While I know several of my neighbors, there is still room for improvement. In the past, we have discussed having a neighborhood gathering for our block. I think this year we should do it. As soon as the weather is nice, I plan to talk to a couple of the neighbors about it. Maybe we can just grill out and get together for an evening or two.

I have had a few gatherings for friends in the past (again centered around a grill) but got away from it the past couple of years. I was just too busy adjusting to motherhood and foster care. This year is different. I am used to being a mom and the idea of having a gathering in my yard is not so scary anymore. So, this summer I am making a public promise to have at least one gathering for friends and family at my home. I don't have the specifics yet but I will do my best to arrange something once the weather is warmer.

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