Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Evaluation Time

I received a folder with evaluation information from Jacob's preschool teachers. It was fun to look at and very informative. Normally, the school has parent/teacher conferences but due to some staffing issues, that did not happen. The school sent the folders home instead with a note to feel free to talk to the teachers or director if there were any concerns.

You may remember that Jacob was moved up a class last fall. I was a little nervous about how he would do academically in the older class. I really wanted to try it but was anxious to see if he could do the work. The evaluation showed that he can do the work. He is working on recognizing the letters in his name not just memorizing how to spell it. He knows most of his shapes and only missed two. He called a rectangle a box and stated a diamond was "pieces of a triangle." He has progressed from needing a lot of help making his cot to being one of the best "cot makers" in the class.

I tried to talk to Jacob about how he was doing last night but he really wasn't interested. As far as he is concerned, how well he does academically is not the biggest concern. He really only wants to have fun. That is one of my main goals for him too and one that he meets almost every day.

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