Sunday, March 1, 2009

Walking Difficulties

M and I are struggling to get along the past couple of days. I have decided it is time to stop carrying him everywhere. He is now capable of walking with us and following directions. The biggest obstacle to opening my home to another young child or infant is not being able to carry two kids at once.

I decided that it is time for M to begin walking when we are only going short distances. So far the biggest battles are to and from the car. He pretty much screams the entire way but he does walk. I am hoping a few more days of me holding my ground will send the message that I am serious.

I have also realized that M listens much better at daycare than he does at home. I had fallen into a rut of just thinking of him as a baby and not a toddler. If he doesn't listen, I was just accepting it as he didn't understand yet. I realized at daycare that he does understand. He just doesn't think he has to listen. Well kid, those days are over. I have been holding him more responsible for listening and he is improving.

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