Saturday, March 28, 2009

No More Snow!

The weather service is predicting 2-5 inches of snow here tonight. I realize that it won't be here for long. My dad has even volunteered to snowblow it for me. It is not helping. I am so ready for spring! The grass is beginning to turn green and the tulips and daffodils are up about 3 inches. I even have one bush with leaves!

I have been anxiously waiting for nice weather on one of my days off for the past three weeks. So far it has been beautiful almost everyday I work but cold or raining on my days off.

I have plans for the next nice day I don't have to work. We will go to the zoo or park depending on how nice it is and how much time we have. We will fire up the grill for some hamburgers and hotdogs as well as toasting garlic bread on the grill. Basically, we will just spend most of the day outside and only come inside when we have to!

Maybe this will be the last week of yucky, cold, snowy weather. Sorry Jacob. I just don't agree and can't get as excited as you for more snow. I would much rather be camping right now!

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