Monday, March 23, 2009

Grandpa Not Going?!?!

We haven't seen my parents much lately. The last couple of times we stopped over, we could only stay for a few minutes. Normally, we spend quite a bit of time with my parents. As a result, Jacob and M have a very good and close relationship with them. M adores Grandma and loves to follow her around the house. Jacob is very close to Grandpa and wants to do everything Grandpa does. He recetly told me that he will have to learn to drink coffee when he is bigger because Grandpas drink coffee and Grandmas give timeouts to M.

Last night we were very excited to learn that Grandma and Grandpa would be able to have dinner with us. The boys were very patient waiting for Grandma to get her work done and Grandpa to get home so that we could go out for dinner. When Grandpa arrived he asked Grandma, "Do you want to go to F-A-Z-O-L-I's?" Jacob immediately looked very worried and came running over. He grabbed my arms saying, "Mom! Grandpa's going to stay home!" I told him to ask Grandpa what he spelled before getting upset. That maybe it was not as bad as Jacob thought it was. Jacob then ran to Grandpa stating, "I want to go to Ravioli's (Fazoli's) for supper." Grandpa told him if that was what he really wanted that was fine.

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