Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tough Choices

Jacob made several bad choices tonight. I had to tell him several times to leave the playground at McDonald's. Even after several warnings that he would lose privileges and have to go to bed earlier. He is now crying and very sad that he is in bed an hour early. While I do feel for him, I really hope he learned a lesson.

M has been doing very well this week. He seems to be outgrowing his latest defiant stage. It lasted about three weeks and included tantrums several times a day and just outright refusing to do what he was told. I remember Jacob going through a similar stage right before he turned two. That was the time when I had to fire an au pair who stated she couldn't keep him from breaking dishes and writing on walls becuase he wouldn't listen to her. I still say there is a problem if the adult cannot get a toddler to stop drawing on walls and breaking dishes. Removing the pen and the dishes would have been a good place to start.

So now, I am having many of the same struggles with M. He will be two in May and he is testing his boundaries. The past few nights have gone much better and he seems to be moving out of this very challenging and frustrating phase. While I always love my children, I don't always love the stage they are in.

I would love to have cute and fun stories from the past few days but life has been pretty routine. I can't say that it has been boring since my life is rarely boring. It has been more routine which I have really enjoyed. Hopefully, we can have relative calm around here for the next few weeks.

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