Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another New Day Care

M and Jacob started another new day care yesterday. After the experiences we had at the prior one, I was really nervous. They both did great! M had a minor incident in the morning but the day care assured me it was age appropriate and they had dealt with it appropriately. What a change from the last place where it would have been taken as a major incident and probably calling me to report it!

The boys had so much fun yesterday that neither one wanted to leave. I promised them they could return today and that seemed to make them happier. They were definitely tired last night and still this morning after all of the excitement from yesterday. Hopefully, it will not translate into a rough day today. I have faith that this day care will recognize rough days as just that.

The new day care is a lot more expensive than the last one. It is actually more expensive than a lot of day cares in the area. I spoke to a woman who was trying to get a teaching job there a couple years ago. The teachers at the new day care receive better pay and actually get some health insurance benefits. That means that it is more difficult to get a teaching job in the school and the teachers are dedicated once they arrive. I am very happy to pay more money for the quality of teachers and knowing they are receiving fair pay and benefits. We will just have to cut some corners here to pay for it until Jacob starts kindergarten and M goes to a public 4K program next year.

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WICarrie said...

I feel for you! Your boys are so fortunate to have you looking out for them. You're being prayed for and Cared for.