Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Single Mom With Quadruplets

Both of the boys are at day care and I am watching TV while I work on laundry. There is a reason I don't watch much TV during the day. There just isn't anything decent on. Today I was flipping through channels when I found the show "Make Room For Multiples." The episode coming up was about a single mom who gives birth to quadruplets. Now, I can easily see myself parenting 4 children. Not just quadruplets. Twins yes but not quadruplets. This mother seemed to be handling it really well. She also had plenty of help during those first few months home. I am still amazed.

It is no secret that I have been thinking about having another child. I want another child. Probably only one more. At least is what I plan now. I have spoken to a fertility doctor about having a child by birth. I have done extensive adoption research in the past and haven't ruled another adoption out.

There are many reasons why I want another child. I want my kids to have siblings they can turn to for support when they are older and I am no longer able to be here for them. I always wanted more siblings when I was growing up and would love for my kids to have another sibling to play with and enjoy. I also just love being a mom and really enjoy when I have other kids in the home for respites and visits. I love having all of their laughter and playing with them. Yes, I would love to have fewer tantrums and sick days but that is part of raising kids. You have to take the challenges with the good days. As my kids get older and the maltreatment they experienced becomes more distant, I really enjoy all of the good times. I want more of those with more children. I have more love to share and room in my home. So does that mean adoption or birth? I don't know. I'm not even sure of the timing. I do know that I need to spend time examining all of my options. And yes, I am aware that fertility medications come with a 20-25 percent chance of twins. I'll take those odds. Twins would be a lot of fun. I just wouldn't sleep much for awhile.

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