Saturday, June 12, 2010

T-Ball, Fire Fighters and Parties

Today was a great day and one that was totally exhausting. Those people that know us well know that we are rarely home and today was no busy. I would much rather be out in the community experiencing life and trying new things than sitting at home. This doesn't mean we never sit at home and relax. We do it just isn't as often as some other families.

Today was a busier day than most and one that was full of fun. We started the day by getting up early and going to Jacob's t-ball game. Jacob really loved fielding the ball as well as hitting. ally loved fielding the ball as well as hitting. He has come a very long way since his first few games wehre he wspent more time playing in the dirt or chasing his teammates around the dugout than he did actually participating in the game. He still gets distracted from time to time but spends most of the game paying attention and actually playing. We have about 5 games left and I am actually sad to see the season coming to an end. He has done so well and I have really had fun watching him play. Next year I will be watching Jacob play Little League t-ball and M play YMCA t-ball. I am already looking forward to it.

After we left the t-ball game, we went downtown for safety day. Local agencies set up demonstrations for parents and kids to enjoy. My favorite demonstrations were the car that showed what happens if you don't wear a seatbelt and are involved in a roll-over accident. Let's just say everyone really needs to wear a seat belt. I also liked watching Medflight land and seeing inside of the helicopter. Jacob enjoyed all of the fire trucks and putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher. M really enjoyed watching a police officer get dunked in the dunk tank and seeing inside of an ambulance.

I was actually really impressed with how well the kids did. I have decided that they are old enough to start walking. I have parked the strollers in the garage and leave them there most of the time. Jacob, M and I walked several blocks downtown today as well as to a resteraunt for lunch. M complained a little bit towards the end but we were all getting really tired. He also had trouble paying attention and keeping up. There was just too much stuff going on and he would get distracted and fall behind. For the most part though, both boys did great and we had a lot of fun.

We came home to take short naps before going to a party at a friend's house this evening. Our friend has a large gathering every summer where he grills large amounts of pork ribs and we all enjoy some wonderful food. This year was even better than last year and just wonderful. The kids had fun playing and I enjoyed some nice conversation with other adults.
Jacob, M and I are exhausted after a very long day. It is a good exhaustion. Yes, we are all a little crankier and shorter with each other than normal but that is to be expected. M is asleep now and Jacob is doing his best to lay awake for as long as possible. He is losing the battle though.

I have tomorrow off work also and plan to actually spend a day relaxing. Well, at least a day at home. I really don't get to just sit around and relax much. I plan to go to church, mow the lawn, work on laundry, buy sunscreen and bug spray for the kids to take to school and fix a nice dinner for everyone. In the middle of all of that I would love to go for a walk to the park. Somehow, I don't anticipate having much time to just sit and think. Maybe when the kids are older....

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