Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Farm

I had today off work and had the opportunity to accompany Jacob on his field trip to a working farm. It was a great time. I learned a lot and really enjoyed watching Jacob experience the joys of farm life. He did great and even milked a cow. He loved all of the animals although preferred not to be licked by the cow. He did let the calves lick him and was able to feed goats, pet calves and cows, pet a kid goat, and pet some baby chicks. I think the highlight for him was just the chance to share it with me.

Jacob is still getting use to his new school and friends. He has only been there for about 2 weeks now. He is the youngest child in his room with many of the children going to kindergarten this fall. Many even turned 5 last September so they are a full year older than him. Despite the age difference, Jacob loves his new school and friends. Moving him there was a good decision and one that I wish I had made sooner.

M is also doing really well in his new class. He is the second youngest child in his room and doing great. M thrives on being challenged and will often develop behavioral problems if he is bored. His teachers are aware of this and told me they will work to get him involved in an activity that challenges him if he is having a bad day. So far they havent' need to. As one of the youngest kids in the room, he works hard just to keep up with the other kids. The teachers also keep the kids very busy during the day and give them very little time to just get bored. The kids do get free play each day but the teachers are very aware of the children's moods and always ready to move on to a new activity if the kids begin to look restless. The class is almost all boys so they spend a lot of time outdoors or in the gym burning energy which also helps a lot.

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