Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Midweek Update

This week is going so much better than last week. Definitely a very good thing. I was feeling frustrated, worried and a little depressed after all of the bad news and problems we experienced. Now, I realize the week is only half over but so far it has been almost all good news. Here are some highlights from the last few days.

- I worked overtime yesterday so my parents picked the boys up from day care. When I got home, I asked M how school went. He told me he "hit and knocked Jacob over." I was a little concerned and kept asking him questions I hoped would explain it better. I just kept getting the same answer. When I dropped the boys off at school this morning there was a note from the teacher. M and his class had role played the fight between David and Goliath. M was David and Jacob (a child in his class) was Goliath. M threw a large ball of cotton at Jacob (Goliath) knocking him down. Now, I know there is a chance he also pushed or hit someone else but I am choosing to believe this is what he was talking about. It does sound like fun.

- Jacob has made a new friend at school. Another Jacob. He proudly told me that this Jacob does not get in trouble like his best friend at his last school. His friend even made him a book mark yesterday.

- We still haven't found are cat. I am completely confused. I don't smell her but she has never even tried to run away before. I plan to go to the humane society tonight just to make sure she isn't there. I called yesterday and it didn't sound promising but they told me to come double check anyway. I just don't think this is going to turn out well.

- Jacob has decided he wants "two little sisters from your tummy." He originally stated he wants one with white skin and one with brown skin. I told him that was very unlikely. He then stated they can both have brown skin. He is really fixed on this idea lately. I keep telling him that maybe we will have another child some day but it won't be soon. I also don't know if it will come to us through birth or adoption. Those are all details to work out when it is time.

- Jacob has a t-ball game tonight and it finally stopped raining! We have had a lot of rain lately. I am hoping the field will dry out in time for the game tonight. He loves t-ball and has been doing much better since his first couple of games. He leaves his glove on, runs all the bases and pays attention. He even caught a ball at his last game. You go Jacob! He can play beginner t-ball again next year or if he really matures this year, he can move up to advanced t-ball with more rules and run more like an actual game. At this time, I am thinking he will do one more season of beginner t-ball. I'll wait and make a decision when it is closer to registration time next winter though.

- My house is a total disaster after starting to sort through winter clothes and tearing apart evey nook and cranny looking for our cat. I started to go through stuff and organize it again last night but just really didn't have time. We get up so early in the morning that I like to be in bed by 9. I didn't get home from work until almost 8 last night due to overtime so I really only had about fifteen minutes to work after I got the kids into bed. My hope is to get more work done tonight after t-ball. Otherwise, I can devote most of Friday to working on the house.

So that is the mid-week check-in. Things are going much better and everyone is adjusting to the new daycare. After two days, things are looking pretty good. I really hope it continues.

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