Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zoo Trip

I took both boys out of day care today and decided to go to the zoo. The zoo near our home is free and while it is smaller than the Milwaukee zoo, it still has a lot of fun animals and exhibits. The boys really like the lions and bears. I like the apes and chimpanzees. I made a pledge to go to the zoo often this year. I was surprised to find new sculputures and benches there today. Below are some pictures from our time there today.

M receives state daycare funding and has to attend at least 3 days a week so that we will have full-time funding. I work six days in a row and then have three days off so I need to have funding for Monday through Friday so it is available on weeks when I work 4 to 5 days. I always feel bad taking him to day care when I am not working and would much better keep him home but I can't afford to lose the day care funding. Tomorrow M has swim day and Jacob has bike day so I decided it is a good day for them to go to day care so we keep our attendance at three days. I plan to spend the morning doing yard work and the afternoon doing paperwork I have been putting off. Thursday we have tentatively decided to spend the day at a nearby state park so I want to get all of the chores around the house done before then.

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