Friday, June 11, 2010

Thanks Fire Fighters

After I cook dinner, I often like to go for a walk with the kids. If we have a lot of time, we will walk to a nearby park. Lately, we have chosen shorter walks. Our shorter walks are usually a trip around the block where we stop and say hi to any neighbors who happen to be outside or up to the fire station to see if the fire station doors are open. The fire station is about three blocks from our house and a favorite place to walk or drive by.

For the first time tonight, there was actually a fire fighter outside when we walked by. Jacob was wearing his fire fighter costume from last Halloween and both boys were staring at the fire fighter. The fire fighter took one look at us and immediately ducked back into the fire station. I was hoping he was warning the crew that there were kids coming but wasn't sure.

We approached the fire station and the fire fighter came back outside. He asked Jacob, M and our friend P if they would like to see inside the station. M and P quickily said yes. Jacob stood outside the doors and stated he didn't want to go in. I knew he was just scared. After all, this is the child who spends most of his day talking about fire fighters, asking questions about fire fighters or pretending to be fire fighters. I knew that he had been dreaming of the day he could actually see inside a fire station. I knew this was the day and he would be very sorry later if he didn't go in. Of course, M was already through the large garage doors and checking out the fire trucks.

I picked Jacob up and told him he had to go inside. I would hold him and he didn't have to get into any of the trucks but he had to at least go inside. M on the other hand was already racing over to the lockers and checking out the uniforms. The fire fighers were great. After a few minutes, Jacob warmed up and he joined M in exploring all of the fire trucks and the ambulance. The boys were allowed to sit in the engines, see the hoses and other equipment and walk around in the ambulance.

After several minutes of playing in the fire trucks, Jacob asked if he could see where the fire fighters sleep. They gladly took him into the fire station and saw the fire fighters bunk beds, washing machines, kitchen, meeting room and any thing else that could possibly be interesting. Actually, everything the fire fighters showed the boys was exciting including the big map on the wall and the radios. Jacob and M were in heaven!

We stayed at the fire station for about 40 minutes. The fire fighters seemed to be having just as much fun as the boys were. They answered all of the kids' questions eagerly and showed them everything they asked to see. It was a great evening and one neither the boys or I will ever forget. It is great to see my children so happy and having such a great time. I will be forever thankful to the young men at the BG fire station.

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Kim Foo said...

awww. that fills my heart. i love firefighters, or i want to be one when i grow up - one of the two. :P