Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Update

It has been a busy week around here. Here is a summary of the events the past few days.


- M, Jacob and I met M's new social worker. It is amazing how hands off the social workers are now that we are pre-adoptive. It will still be months before M's case is resolved though.

Jacob began complaining about a bad headache. His temp slowly started to rise and by Wednesday night he was starting to act sluggish. He also began complaining about a sore throat and stomachache. He didn't have much energy at t-ball so after the game we went to the doctor. The doctor was sure he either had strep throat or a bad sinus infection starting. She was leaning more towards a sinus infection but started him on antibiotics that would work on both. By midnight, Jacob was a very sick child. He had a temp of almost 103 and wasn't even able to rest. Tylenol helped and the fever went down about 2 but it was still a long night.


- Jacob was still feeling pretty bad when we woke up around 7. The antibiotics seemed to be working though as his temp was closer to normal and he reported he was beginning to feel better. I took half of the day off work and he went to his grandparents house at 10. He ate a pretty good breakfast but was complaining of being extremely tired. Probably because he only got about 5 hours of sleep Wednesday night. He stated he felt better but was too tired to do much. He did eventually take a three hour nap and woke up feeling almost back to normal. By the time he had 20 hours of antibiotics he was back to his old self and we had our normal bedtime fights.

- M had a screening completed by the early childhood people. He did extremely well. I was told that I was a great mom and had a lot of very good skills. I needed to hear that. I have been questioning myself lately after all of the problems we had at the last daycare. The psychologist pointed out that I probably have more training and education in early childhood than most of the day care teachers and directors which may be why I have more conflicts than other parents. I know when the teachers are not expecting age appropriate behaviors and expecting either too much or not enough out of the kids. She stated this is a good thing because I really do know my children well and what they are capapble of. While I try to avoid conflict with the day cares when possible, I will stand up for my children and speak up if I think it is necessary.


- M and Jacob are at school today. Jacob is feeling 100 percent better. M gets to go on his first field trip. He is excited to ride the big yellow school bus and only wishes he could drive it. They are touring a dairy farm and will have the chance to milk a cow. I am sure he will love it. Jacob's class goes next week. I have the day off work and am looking forward to going with him.

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