Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Jacob?

Wow! It was almost like travelling back in time to Jacob's adoption. I have a friend who is trying to adopt from China. I was looking through some waiting children to see if their were any that she might be interested in. I often look at the waiting children knowing that I am not in a position to adopt now but might adopt again in a few years.

Today I found a little boy that really jumped out at me. He was born almost two years after Jacob and is currently living in China. Other than that, he sounded just like Jacob. He has a port wine stain but no signs of Sturge Weber. He is outgoing, gets along with other children and walks well. He is developing normally and has a lot of personality. That would be almost exactly how I would have described Jacob at that age.

Jacob was featured on the waiting child list for seven months before I found him. I really hope this little boy does not have to wait that long for a forever family. I also hope his adoption works out as well as Jacob's has.

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