Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Celebration

Happy Easter! Jacob, M and I had a great two day celebration. I picked the boys up from the sitter's house after work yesterday and we officially started our Easter celebration. The first stop was for new haircuts for both boys. They always look so grown-up and handsome with fresh haircuts!

Haircuts did not take long and I found we were forty-five minutes early for church. The church is directly across the street from a very nice park. I had never been to this park but often look at it as we drive by and think that we should stop there someday. Saturday was a very nice day outside and the perfect day to check out the park.

After the park, we attended church and enjoyed a great service. I really enjoyed church and Jacob was able to make some wonderful projects in church school. We left church happy and feeling wonderful.

I headed home worried that it was getting late and the boys might get cranky. They didn't and we had a great time coloring eggs and preparing their baskets for the Easter Bunny. It amazes how much fun the simple things can be. The kids were in a hurry to go to bed though since they knew that the Easter Bunny would not come if they did not go to sleep first. I have never seen Jacob go to bed so easily and quickly. That made the evening even nicer for me. By that time, I was exhausted and just waiting for everyone's eyes to close so I could finish helping the Easter Bunny and then go to bed myself.

I woke the boys up early this morning despite complaints from Jacob. Jacob loves to sleep in and even the Easter Bunny is not enough to make waking up early fun for him. Once he was out of bed, it did not take him long to find his basket and help M find his. It was a great time and the boys enjoyed their baskets.

Unfortunately, I had to work so they were off to my parents' house for the day. Jacob was amazed to find out the Easter Bunny also felt bad that I was working and had hidden baskets for the boys at my parents' house also. The kids had a great time going to breakfast and church without me though. They took nice naps and I got there shortly after they woke up. Mom had cooked a nice dinner and I enjoyed just spending time with everyone especially my brother.

Jacob and Uncle Chuck did the dishes while I chased M around the house and helped clean up the toys and treats from earlier in the day. Everyone is now tired and it will be time for bed soon.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. While I don't like working on holidays, I was grateful to be able to spend time with my family and had a good holiday. I am also very grateful that I have family nearby who will help me when I have to work.

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