Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Swimmer!

M is learning to swim! I finally took him in the little pool during Jacob's lesson last night. I have been feeling guilty for awhile about leaving M in the nursery during Jacob's lessons. I feel bad when I don't spend as much time with M as Jacob but also realize that M just can't do as much as Jacob can because of his age.

As of last night, there is now one less thing I cannot do with M. M asked to go swimming last night when I was preparing for Jacob's lesson. Not only did he say he wanted to go but he clutched the swim diapers all the way to the pool. Once there, M ran into the water and even put his face in it. He isn't completely comfortable but he was willing to go down the slide and get his whole body wet. Not bad for a kid who screamed the last time I tried to take him.

It will be another year before M is old enough for swimming lessons himself. I also am not sure that he will be happy going into the large pool. Until he is okay going in both pools with me and wearing a life jacket, I will still have to take him to the nursery for open swim times. I need to be able to take Jacob into the big pool so he can practice the things he is learning in swimming lessons. M can come on the nights that Jacob has lessons though. Hopefully, it won't be long before M is comfortable in both pools and it won't be an issue anymore. It was so much fun to be able to swim with both kids last night and not worry about anyone being left out.

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