Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Cleaning

My goal of getting the house cleaned up for spring and ready for an adoption study is progressing well. Actually, it is going better than I thought it would. I got the living room carpet cleaned on Tuesday. It was the first time I have had it professionally cleaned since it was installed about five years ago. It looks wonderful and definitelly will work for awhile longer. That is a big relief. I really didn't want to replace it until I know if I am moving or not. I hate to replace carpeting now just to replace it again in a year or two when I decide it is time to change careers and move.

Today I spent time cleaning out the boys' clothes. I know that spring in this part of the country is a time of change. The temperature will go from shorts to sweatshirts in just a couple of days. Today and the next couple of days are warm enough for t-shirts and light jackets. Next week the highs will be in the 50s and we will be back to sweatshirts.

I removed the heavy sweaters and sweatshirts from the dresser and fixed a couple of broken drawers. I went through the t-shirts and shorts to make sure that both boys have enough to get through the summer. I was happy to find that both boys should have enough clothes to get through. It will be nice to be able to take a few months off from searching for new clothes. Jacob will need some next winter again but for the next six months I can take that out of my budget.

I also got the toys in M's old room organized and cleaned up. I was able to find a few to get rid of but really only found a few that they don't play with. Jacob and I disagreed on some toys and I decided it doesn't hurt to let him keep them for a few more months. It was really only about six toys that we disagreed about keeping.

I still have some work to do especially in the boys' bedroom but I am making progress. It is nice to have two rooms down and only three to go (the boys' room, my room and the kitchen). I think I will even have enough items in the garage sale pile to have a decent sale when I am ready to move again.

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