Monday, April 27, 2009

Favorite Things

Jacob is the child of the week this week! He is loving it. I actually forgot all about it (bad mom) until after school today. He was suppose to turn in his papers and pictures by today. Oops! We will take them in tomorrow.

Jacob gets to be line leader all week. This is the most prized assignment in the classroom. He also gets to listen to his favorite CD (Sesame Street from around the world), read his favorite book (Mickey Mouse Easter Hunt), bring in a toy and bring a treat for the last day. I am pretty sure he will bring cupcakes but I have no idea what his toy choice will be. My guess is it will be a garbage truck or fire truck but who knows. I'll let you know at the end of the week what he chooses.

Here are Jacob's favorite things:

I like to play with: Hotwheel Cars.

My favorite sport is: soccer.

My favorite place to go is: Ethiopia (as long as Mom promises to go with me.)

I like to draw: Hotwheel cars.

My favorite game is: soccer and baseball.

I like to collect: toys.

My favorite hobby is: swimming.

My favorite color is: all of them.

My favorite food is: Ethiopian (Doro wat).

My favorite holiday is: Christmas and Easter.

My favorite book is: E is for Ethiopia.

My favorite toy is: fire truck.

My favorite song is: Elmo's Song.

My favorite animal is: cow.

My favorite web site is: (he likes to look at the pictures of him).

Tonight in the car Jacob wanted to add a category not found on his worksheet.

His favorite babysitters are Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Chuck, Maddie, Jasmine, Brooke and Jenni. (Pretty much all of them)

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