Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Ray!

Jacob passed another level at swimming lessons! I was really surprised and had actually signed him up for the previous level. He can now swim a few feet above water and several feet underwater. He loves to swim underwater and is getting really good at it. Over the past few weeks, he has gotten good at floating on his back and other skills he needs for the next level.

As a ray, Jacob will continue to improve as a swimmer. The skill that he is beginning to do that really amazes me is treading water. What a wonderful skill! It is so nice to know that Jacob is able to swim a small difference and to the top of the water. I don't have to worry if he falls in the pool since he can get to the side now. I was speaking to the director who stated she has seen children who are four and five years old be able to pass the deep water test and swim the length of the pool. I think Jacob will definitelly be one of those kids soon!

I have been hesitating to take M swimming during Jacob's lessons. M really likes playing at the nursery and I have wanted to watch Jacob. I think I am finally ready to see how M does in the little pool now. He listens better and behaves better than a few months ago. I think he would enjoy playing in the little pool during the lessons and I think he is less likely to have major tantrums and behavioral problems while we are there. I plan to let him come with us next week and just see what happens. If he doesn't enjoy it, he can always go back to the childcare area next time.

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