Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grad School Update

I was finally assigned to a campus for grad school yesterday. This means I can complete the paperwork required for admission. I had already been accepted into the program I just wasn't sure which campus I would be assigned to. The university uses two campuses for the program and assigns students based on where they live and what they request.

Tonight I filled out the background check forms so that I can be assigned to a field assignment for next year. I am really hoping to get a placement in a government agency working in child protective services. I have requested it and applied for the program but won't know for sure for a little while yet.

I also ordered my official college transcripts. I had already sent the university unofficial copies but they needed official transcripts to complete my enrollment. This is no small task. I have attended four colleges while getting my associate and bachelor degrees. It took me seven years to complete my bachelor degree. I plan to finish my mastor degree in only two years. No more excuses for stalling. I just need to work hard for two years and be done with it.

Now I am back to waiting. I should hear if I am accepted into a grant program in the next couple of weeks. The university will be signing me up for my classes but I know which ones they are and when they will be. I will also be getting an email address through the university soon that will be used to communicate with the universtiy until school starts. I am guessing this will mostly be about my field placement since that will start a week before classes.

I have started looking for clothes to wear for the field assignment. I have worn a uniform for work for so long that I really don't have any clothes appropriate for an office setting. I started looking earlier this spring but quickly became frustrated. My brother's girlfriend has volunteered to help me find some so I am hoping we have some luck. It is hard to find clothes I like at a price I am willing to pay (cheap). I have a few more months to find some though.

I am nervous about going back to school. It doesn't help when people tell me I won't be able to do it and raise my kids. I know that I can do it though. It is the best way for me to get career options that won't require me to work 3 out of 4 weekends every month. It will also allow me to move into a job I like more. I am motivated and know that it is the best thing for my family in the long run. Even if it does mean the next couple of years will be busy and difficult.

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Angela :-) said...

I love Fashion Bug's clothes. It's about the only place I buy clothes for myself anymore. Luckily for the budget, there isn't one here. I shop when visiting my family.

Angela :-)