Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Good Days

We have had some very good days the past week. Of course, everyday with my children is a blessing but some are better than others.

People who are close to us know that Jacob has hit a rough patch in his development. He is 3 1/2 now and has been experiencing some of the same behavior issues as other children his age. Nothing major but more difficult than normal. Thankfully, I am in enough parenting groups to be able to see other parents struggle during this age and know it is just a phase. I also see enough other three year olds to know how lucky I am that his behavior is not any worse (and to worry how M will be at this age since he is a more difficult child).

The past few days have shown an improvement in behavior from both kids and allowed us to really enjoy ourselves. The kids went to school yesterday and I worked. After work, I picked them up and we picked up our friend, P. P and Jacob were able to have a lot of fun playing outside while M and I made pizzas inside. M wasn't thrilled about being stuck inside with boring me but we made it work.

We finished eating pizza just as M's social worker arrived for a home visit. She really didn't have much to say except that she will work on finding out if M can go on vacation with us next summer. It would be hard to leave him behind but I do have a friend willing to take him if needed. She is approved for respite care so at least he would be with someone he knows. I am really hoping M's mom or the courts will approve him to come with us though.

After dinner, I took M, P and Jacob to the park. P exclaimed, "this park is fun!" after we had been there for a few minutes. We stayed for about forty-five minutes and all left tired and thirsty. Jacob and P had a great time chasing each other around the park while I chased M and tried to keep him off the really high equipment. It is so hard to be too small to keep up with the bigger kids. I think he had fun with me. It will be nice next year when he is big enough to play with the older kids.

The weather has been absolutely perfect. Highs have been in the low 70s and the sun has been shining. It is so easy to see the good in life and enjoy the kids when the weather is wonderful. Today is another gorgeous day and I look forward to taking the kids to a local community center for our monthly single parents meeting. It is a chance for single parents to get together and let our kids play. Most of the kids were adopted and most of the parents chose to become single parents. It is always a fun time when we can get together.

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