Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tired Of The Rain

It has only been two days of rain and I already wish it would leave. Jacob was suppose to have a soccer game today. I was going to take off work early to watch it. Due to a communication issue, I was not able to get off work. Now his game has been canceled due to the rain.

It is suppose to rain the rest of the week so the grass and flowers should be growing. My tulips are blooming and I am just waiting for the daffodils. My other perrenial is growing quickly. I plan to add some dirt this year and hope I can replant it as well as planting some other vegetables and flowers.

April showers bring May flowers. How I love May flowers! Hopefully the thought of sunny summer days with colorful flowers and garden fresh vegetables will help me get through the rainy days. That and our normal busy lives. After all, there will be more soccer games, softball starts in a week and the major league baseball season is in full swing. Go Cubs and Brewers!

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