Thursday, April 9, 2009

A New Play Room

What started as a few toys, has turned into an overflowing mess. I finally couldn't take it anymore (which means for me it must be really bad). I have decided that no more toys will be stored in the living room.

I have moved almost all of the toys into the bedroom I use for new foster kids. Since I am not really expecting a new foster child in the near future (although did say I would take one if they need me), I decided that room is the new playroom. I am about half way through cleaning it out and changing it over. I need to find some shelves for some of the larger toys. I would also like to get something to store stuffed animals in.

I plan to keep the crib/toddler bed and dresser there for awhile. At least until I am sure I won't have another foster child for a long time. If a new child does come, I can always move toys again depending on the needs of the child and how my other kids are handling the new child.

This is all part of my plan to complete a major cleaning project and reorganize the inside of the house. I hope to have all of the toys and clothes cleaned out and the inside of the house painted by the end of summer. I am off to a good start. Hopefully, I can stay motivated.

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