Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Preparations and Celebrations

As the countdown to Easter comes to an end, I will update on our festivities and preparations for this year. Hopefully, I will have pictures to post soon.

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. I am reminded of God's love while watching the end of winter and the beginning of Spring. I love watching the animals and plants come alive and the neighborhood children venture outside again. It is fun to see how much the children have grown and to see neighbors I haven't seen since the weather became cold.

Our festivities this year are a little less extravagant. I have to work all weekend and I am trying to save money for graduate school and life after. I am enjoying a smaller celebration this year. It is giving me a chance to focus on how lucky I am to be blessed with two beautiful children and lots of family and friends who care about us. With fewer activies, we are spending less time concentrating on getting tasks completed and more time just being together. It has been wonderful.

Easter preparations and celebrations really did not get started until Thursday. It was the last day of daycare for the week and the school had an Easter party. Jacob made an easter basket out of a milk carton as well as an edible easter basket (including edible grass). Both boys had fun at the school easter egg hunt where they filled their baskets with chocolate eggs and plastic eggs of jelly beans. Jacob's class spent time preparing different kinds of eggs and then tasting them. By the time I got the kids home, they were tired and excited.

Friday I spent time getting some pictures of M together for his mom. We then had our friend P over for dinner. I cooked spaghetti and garlic bread while the kids played hard. We finished by making ice cream sundaes. The kids had so much fun that it took over an hour for them to settle down enough to go to sleep. They did sleep hard after that.

Today we are attending church after work. There is a candle light service to celebrate Easter. It is a much shorter service and less involved than the traditional candle light service. I have never attended a candle light Easter service though so I am excited. Jacob is not excited that there will not be children's church but he will live. Hopefully, he will behave well enough for me to enjoy the service. M will go to the nursery as usual. He just isn't old enough to get anything out of the service and I won't enjoy myself if I am trying to control two little boys who do not want to be sitting in church.

After church, we will return home to prepare for tomorrow. I plan to dye Easter eggs before helping the kids get their Easter baskets ready for the Easter Bunny. They will spend Easter day with my parents and brother while I work. Hopefully, they will also attend church and enjoy their Easter goodies. I'll write more about that after it happens tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to post some pictures as well.

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